For the past two years, we have been confined to work from our homes. It has brought a radical change in office space and transformed how we have imagined office spaces.

The current trend in corporate interiors is all about safety and comfort along with other factors like colour, sustainability and greenery.

Office goers need to feel safe in their workspaces in order to regain focus on their work. Hence, design companies are always looking for ways to create a happy and positive work environment with corporate interiors. We have handpicked some of the best and trending office designs in 2021.

Pod- areas and flexibility

Gone are days of cubicles and pigeonholes in the name of office designs. The corporate culture has embraced the open concept of flexible workspaces. Hence the birth of the pod-style.

This pod-style allows employees to find private spots within the office space which has access to outlets and comfortable seating. The floorings are usually made of engineered hardwood. LVT is also a common choice for the pod- areas.

Making use of natural light

Integrating and making use of natural light in the work area is another goal that is common among corporate interiors in 2021. In cases where this is not possible, there are options out there for you-

Make use of diffused light, install artificial lights which can imitate natural light, plant trees and shrubs outside the window which will absorb the glare of the sun.

Light reflective value is a significant factor that needs to be incorporated into the design elements.

Sustainable and green options

Office interior designers in Chennai are now embracing the concept of green walls or walls containing real plants and plant displays.

If that seems to be too much for you, consider embracing plants in your workspace in general. This is especially effective where natural light isn’t available. Plants bring a touch of colour and freshness outdoors in office spaces.

Based on the kind of plants you choose to use in the corporate interiors, some of the proven benefits include- greater productivity, improved oxygen flow and air quality, and reduction of noise.

A slice of home at work

Since we were forced to adapt to the new normal of working from home, the corporate interior trends of 2021 involve integrating a slice of home in your office.

To make this possible, including comfortable sofas and chairs, dimmed lights and installation of artwork throughout the office is gaining popularity. Since people associate home with comfort, safety and relaxation, the above-mentioned features are being used to bring in those elements in the office spaces. Wood-look LVT and engineered hardwood flooring also add an element of warmth and comfort to any space. Hence it is a common option in offices.

Colour psychology

Lighter colours including a mix of greys, at times green and neutral tones are being used for creating a cheerful atmosphere in offices. Choosing the right set of colours for an office space can help you integrate your brand seamlessly into the office space. A healthy mix of colourful furniture, cushions and floor colour can do the job for you.

Any well-designed office space will amalgamate these features in their corporate interior designs and create a space that is sustainable and functional for everyone. 

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