The office lighting in your workspace plays a major role in the mental well being and productivity of your employees. Numerous scientific studies have proven that the type of lighting used in the workspace plays a significant role in impacting the employees’ mood, work and health. You should not keep the lighting of the room too dark as it can make your employees feel tired. On the other hand, setting up a brightly lit room will affect their eyes and can also cause migraines. 

You should try to establish a balance between the two ends and create the perfect lighting for your workspace. Get in touch with any one of the interior designers Chennai to get it done professionally. In this article, we will break down some exciting ideas for lighting your office.

Try fixing a light on the walls:

Most workspaces will not have space for desk lamps. You can try mounting them on the walls as it will reduce the clutter on the desks and the employees can also have a lesser strain on their eyes. It will enhance the overall style of your office without being heavy on the pocket. 

Choose a warm light for your lunch room:

Your employees deserve to take a break after the tiring first half in the office. It is essential for their body and mind so that they can prepare themselves for the next half of the day at work. Make sure that you incorporate warm lighting in the lunch room so that your employees can rejuvenate and re-energize their bodies for the rest of the day. Discuss with the best office interior design service provider to modify the ambience of your lunch room. 

Go for productive lighting in your meeting room:

Most business owners make this mistake, they keep the same lighting for every room. And this is a huge mistake! Install productive lighting that has a color temperature of about 5000k – 7000k to keep the mind active and increase the attention of your employees.

Choose architectural lighting for your waiting room:

If meeting rooms need productive lighting, then waiting rooms will need architectural lighting. They help people to experience the openness of the room and experience the large space in your office. 

Install sufficient lights at the corners:

While most people pay attention to the center of the room, they tend to ignore the corners. As you look for modular office furniture Chennai, get some modern lights to fix in the corners as well. Installing lights takes several experiments as you need to play with the right angles to get the perfect lighting. Apart from the corner lights, you should also consider having natural lighting as they have a positive impact on the mood of your employees. 


Moreover, you can also get some creative ideas from your employees to modify the lighting slightly. Keep improvising over time to see better results as the work efficiency will increase. 

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