Have you ever found yourself looking inside the swanky and cool offices of Amazon or Apple and wanted to do something similar with your office space? But then became sad because you didn’t have the same budget as those corporates?

But the truth is, you don’t need to spend lakhs of rupees to get your office to look incredible and functional. It is a very common misconception that fuels thoughts like you need to break your bank for amazing office designs. 

Make use of the following tips and tricks for corporate office interior design on a budget:


The biggest and most noteworthy tip that top interior designers in Chennai can tell you is achieving flexibility. If you can be flexible, you can save a lot of money by adapting to a space in comparison to buying or renting out another space for your office. Did you know that open offices allow you with a lot of floor area to move the furniture and grow your business? The days of fixed partitions and separate cubicles are long gone. Corporate office interior designs are all about open areas.

Rent the furniture

The next best thing after opening office areas is renting office furniture. It provides you with the freedom of changing and swapping pieces as per your need without losing out on a lot of money. The best part is when the renting company takes care of delivering and installing your furniture.

Adaptable furniture

You might not realise how much money you are spending on buying extra storage as you run out of it every time. How to solve this issue? The simplest and most sustainable answer is buying adaptable storage which will not only save you money but also time. Look for desks with modern features like drawers and built-in shelves. Large console tables with preinstalled storage are also a great investment. Nowadays you will come across hutches that combine a bookshelf with a file cabinet.

Add green plants

Now you might find a live green wall to be extremely alluring and beautiful to look at. But the best office interior designers in Chennai would advise you to start small.

Make sure to put some plants on the desks and corners of your office. Hanging plants are also great options. Have fun with some succulent arrangements on the desks. Adding greenery not only breathes life into your office but also keeps the atmosphere relaxed. Green is the colour that soothes us and helps us to reduce stress and concentrate.

Sustainable lighting

Lighting impacts our mood and being mindful about its use also saves a lot of money. So make good use of natural light and install good drapes to soften the sun’s glare when needed. Save money on energy and water bills by turning off appliances you are no longer using.

Paint a wall

Corporate office interior designs are incomplete without painting the walls of your office. You can choose a colour that represents your brand or go for accent walls. Either way, you will not regret this decision.

There are many ways to design a modern office on a shoestring budget. But you need proper planning and research. We hope these tips and tricks help you find some good ideas that will help you transform your office space without costing an arm and a leg!

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