So you have been thinking of renovations and want to have a dream team to take over the project. A set of trained and certified professionals who will transform your office space and make your dreams come true. But whom to hire? Would you require a general contractor or an interior designer? Is it best to invest in office turnkey interiors or opt for a contractor and manage things on your own time? In order to make a wise and informed choice, you need to understand the kind of service each of these professionals provides.

Hiring a general contractor- what does one offer?

Any well-renowned general contractor would be able to cover some of the basic functions and services. Although their service may vary, based on your budget and speciality, there are some services which are offered by general contractors

Working on your drawings, developing a plan, and budget

Whenever you are working with a general contractor, they will check the drawings and make sure that your plan is sound and can be executed in the given space. Practicality is the key when it comes to a general contractor. A general contractor will also provide you with a budget for the plan.

Subcontractors and design execution

When you hire a general contractor, you can expect him to bring in subcontractors to get some work done. Based on the project, special construction needs, and budget, you can expect a general contractor to handle tasks such as construction, plumbing, electrical fittings and wiring, etc.

On the other hand, hiring an interior designing company will bring in a lot of benefits for you.

There are a number of added benefits of opting for an interior designer.

Advanced budgeting

By choosing office turnkey interiors, you will be able to mould your renovations within the budget and not miss out on the important aspects of the renovation.

Enhanced project management

Best interior designers in Chennai are better equipped at project management in comparison to contractors and subcontractors. They will ensure that your budget remains intact while executing their design.

Smart and upgraded designs

When you choose an office interior designing company, you can expect to be walked through the designs. With the use of modern technology such as 3D drawing, you can expect a realistic version of your plan before its execution. Interior designing for any space reflects personal choice and brand. When you are choosing an interior designing company, you can expect a unique blend of a theme and the company’s values get reflected in your office interiors. Unlike a contractor whose preference is functionality and not beauty, with an interior designer, you can have the best of both worlds.

One-stop solution

You can save yourself a lot of time, and the hassle of being the contact point of every vendor and service provider. It is the responsibility of an interior designer to take care of these details and provide you with the end result.

Investing in office turnkey interiors will make your space functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Whereas, a contractor will be function-oriented. We hope with this blog, you can make an informed choice between the former and the latter. 

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