Every office will have a distinct look to it and so the interior look of the workshop will depend on the business. As technology is disrupting every business in the market, the design of the workplaces plays a major role in the productivity of your team. Several modern designs in the market is focussed on functional designs that improve employee engagement. 

Modern office designs will simulate collaboration among the employees and boost their productivity. Long gone are the days of simple office cubicles, here are some of the popular trends in the market offered by top office interior design companies in the market. 

Color and Vibrancy:

Color plays a major role in determining the look of a place. When it comes to workplaces, the role of colors goes beyond just visual appearance. People have different tastes for everything, especially the millennial generation. They love quirky and funny things around them and when those elements are incorporated into their workspace, it enhances their mental health at work. Since people spend a significant time of their day at the workplace, it is important to design it well with vibrant colors. Colors are said to reduce stress of employees by 77% and increase their creativity by 64%. 

Collaborative spaces:

Collaborative spaces is the latest trend that is dominating the market. If you browse through top notch interior designer Chennai, almost everyone will recommend you to add collaborative spaces in your office. The current generation loves to interact with others during break hours in cafes and recreational spaces. Some employers have also installed screening rooms, fitness rooms, billiards room, etc., in their offices. 

Transparent and flexible designs:

Conventional design of workspaces lack options for knowledge sharing and lack of teamwork. The design led to fragmentation of the team and lower productivity which ultimately affected the work. Whereas in modern office designs, employers have chosen to adopt open seat planning, furniture on wheels, laid-back lounges, etc. Every turnkey office interiors provider will have numerous designs in their brochure from which you can choose the best one. 

Environmentally friendly design:

Incorporating natural elements and greenery into the workspace has become a popular trend nowadays. Some employees keep small cactus plants close to their workspace as it will boost their emotional well being and reduce stress. If you build a workspace with biophilic elements, you can clearly witness the increase in the overall performance and focus of your employees. 


Long gone are the days when offices used to have tube lights pre-installed on walls. Every turnkey office interiors provider will provide the options to position your workstations to get the best natural light. You can also make use of the windows and get maximum natural light. It is not recommended to install super-bright lights as it will strain your employees’ eyes and eventually cause headaches. 


As the time goes on, we witness changes in the dynamics of working and workplaces. With modular workstations, we are stepping into a whole new age of workplaces that will be focussed on innovative ideas and the betterment of employees’ health. 

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