On average, an employee spends 9 to 10 hours of his or her in an office, an artificial static environment. Such manmade settings have an overwhelming impact on their well-being. Every other person who is a part of the workforce at present is troubled by depression, anxiety, and obesity. It is because of these persistent problems, many companies are actively making changes that can help reduce such problems. One of the most effective changes that employers can make are designs of the workplace that helps employees increase their productivity.

Corporate office interior designs need to be planned in a way that can improve the quality of life and reduce the employer’s cost in terms of productivity, and absenteeism.

Create a favourable office environment

Every office needs to be equipped with comfortable and ergonomic furniture to promote a healthy work environment. Workstations and workplaces need to be de-cluttered. The use of standing desks and cycle chairs can be smart choices of furniture that make offices comfortable. Regular chairs can be replaced with exercise ball chairs that encourage people to work and discuss events while being mobile. Long hours of slouching in the chair by correcting body postures. Employers can also add relaxation rooms to allow employees to take short breaks.

Include office layout that allows activity

To keep employees active, shared spaces such as canteen, team collaboration lounges, and game rooms can motivate your employees to walk around. Innovative and creative designs for stairs can influence your employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Such new corporate office interior designs are changing the way we think about offices.

Dedicated exercise spaces

Best office interior designers in Chennai will include dedicated workout and exercise spaces within the office building so that employees can take short exercise breaks. The workout area does not need to be similar to a fully equipped gym. Instead of an exercise room, you can also choose to include an indoor games room or a yoga and meditation room.

A simple addition in the corporate office interior design like a pool table or a ping pong table can act like an energy booster. It reduces stress and increases stamina and flexibility. Given the space available within the office building, bike and pedestrian paths can also encourage employees to ditch other forms of transportation.

Importance of mental wellbeing

Workspaces need to be well-lit and ventilated. It promotes mental wellbeing in employees. Best interior works for offices include relaxation and meditation rooms. Our physical health is directly related to our mental health. Any deterioration of mental and physical health is interrelated. Small changes such as including greenery in office spaces help create a peaceful environment. Colour therapy also has too many advantages. Designing corporate offices by using colours like orange can improve inventive outputs.

Using smart designs for offices can help elevate corporate spaces. Remodelling, designing, utilizing smart patterns and making changes in the pattern of designing can make a host of differences. Employers need to understand that employees spend a significant amount of their life working in offices. Taking care of your employees will pay off as a long term investment. 

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