With people going back to the office, we cannot pretend that nothing ever went wrong two years back. Whether it is as per our liking or not, we are at the moment, living through a time that seems like a big experiment. We are forging our oath ahead for what work and workspace will look like and finding ways to get things done. 

Taking into consideration the collection of data from recent surveys conducted upon employees across continents and industries, around 40 to 80% have chosen to continue working remotely post-pandemic. Hence, what we are looking at the moment is a blended workspace- some people will be present in the office for some time and many people will work from home. This change is gigantic in terms of office space, technology and the way we need to structure the work that needs to be done. 

The thought of changing the office workspace immediately brings in the thought of getting the best office interior design work done and scurrying around for corporate office interior designs. But there are many steps involved before arriving at the step of changing the physical landscape and design of the office.  

The plan of a blended workspace needs to begin with the identification of the various kinds of work that will be done throughout the year and then going on to understand which of them will be done better if done together. Then segregate the work that is better done remotely. According to research, creative work, collaborative work and any work that requires people to come together and align, be on the same page is better done in person. 

The social bond that is created when people meet can never be done virtually. Remote work would include anything that is a focused job- day to day tasks that are knowledge centred are best done remotely. People will be able to get their work done with minimal distraction and from the comforts of their own homes. 

Here is our plan for a blended workspace along with the ideas for the best office interior design:

Consider the distance and density

After establishing the different kinds of work that needs to be done throughout the year and the work that requires people to be present in the office or can be done remotely, it is time to ensure employee safety. Keeping in mind the guidelines for controlling the spread of COVID-19, companies and brands are looking for wars to implement social distancing in workspaces. Look for corporate interiors Chennai who can work with limited square footage as this can arise to be a particularly difficult and challenging situation. Since fewer people will be at the office on a daily basis in the blended workspace, increasing the space between desks and not needing a bigger office or a big remodelling to make things work.  In fact, some offices will also be able to downsize their existing office space and save on costs that come from real estate. 

Finding the proper mix

The model of a blended workspace will vary from company to company. A number of factors like industry, culture, geography, nature of teams, and workforce. Some companies might opt for a gradual reopening of their headquarters and a very limited number of people who come in at a time. Hence, there will be a scope to tweak around the design of the workspace. With time, offices can prepare for a bigger work force to come in. No matter what strategy is chosen by the company, communicate the same with the best office interior design company so that they can come up with appropriate plans. 

Remember that office culture matters

The experience of employees must be an important consideration and companies must find a way to keep their culture intact. With in-person collaboration comes effective interaction with your teammates which is crucial for building relationships that last over time. This will lay the foundation for positive work culture. Again, remote work allows employees to get a chance of focusing on solo work so that they can get some relief from daily commuting and the hassle of daily transportation. Additionally, they will also be able to deal with childcare and family responsibilities. If you manage to strike the right balance and maintain the perfect productivity and work culture, your company will keep attracting the best talents. 

Easy access to tools

In order to make a blended workspace a success, it is crucial that your employees must have easy and seamless access to technology and tools at home and in the office. While we settled on platforms that are best for our business, it has been a good effort in terms of productivity as well as communication. When a partial remote workplace is at work, having the right technology will be the key to upholding the right culture and keeping the connectivity equally distributed among employees. 


We are yet to know whether the concept of a blended workspace model will gain permanence or not. But we have understood that flexibility is the pillar and future of work. These years have also taught us that we cannot predict the future or the course of change. But whether it is a pandemic or any market forces, we will be able to overcome anything that comes our way by staying open to changes and having a readiness to adapt to changes. By being flexible, we can create an environment and a culture that will be able to effectively react to all tragedies thrown our way. 

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