Any office space remains incomplete without a conference room. It is an integral part of any organisation as it allows employees to come together in a formal space. Conference rooms have a lot of functions such as employees coming together to discuss important agendas, brainstorming, and working in close collaboration with each other. It is also the go-to choice for conducting meetings with potential customers.

Hence, a conference room requires utmost care when it comes to designing it. The best interior work for the office will make sure that the conference room reaches its full potential. Here are some ideas that can help you transform the conference room of your office-


Location matters a lot when it comes to conference rooms. No matter how expensive the furniture is, or how much you invest in the best interior works for an office. If you don’t ensure that the conference room is at the centre of the office, it will not serve its purpose.

A conference room cannot be next to a cafeteria because the noise will distract people. Depending on the size of the company and the existing and potential clients you would be dealing with, you would require a room that’s big enough.

Table configuration

Best interior designers cannot stress enough the importance of a conference table. It is versatile and its size depends on the number of people who are using it. You can choose to be a traditional boardroom table or opt for a modern u-shape table. Both of these choices serve the purpose of easy management for the presenter and allow employees to collaborate efficiently.

Before deciding on the layout, consider the use of the conference room. A discussion with your client might help!

Light fixtures

Light can transform any space. So if you are trying to nail the design of your conference room, you need the right lighting.  

While natural lighting always trumps artificial lights, you will be working with projectors in a conference room. So make sure to incorporate big windows to allow natural light to light up the space. But install blinds and/or shade to block out any sunlight for presentations.

Try to avoid it as task lights serve the purpose while being easy on your eyes.


Any urban space is equipped with modern technology. Conference rooms are no different. There are many interior designers in Chennai for offices who offer smart conference rooms equipped with projectors, screens, smart boards, and various other conference gadgets.

A comfortable meeting experience can be ensured by the smart positioning of the screens in the conference room. Best interior works for an office take a lot of planning such as achieving a clean and sleek room by hiding all the wires that come attached with gadgets. Optimum distance needs to be maintained between the screen and the audience to ensure that the meeting is a pleasant experience for everyone.


Conference room is a part of the rest of the office. Hence, make sure that its décor must be in tandem with every other space.

Conference rooms are of great importance. We hope with this short checklist, you have a comprehensive idea of the important aspects of designing your conference room!

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